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Lose weight | Make a fresh start

Give yourself every chance with this relaxing slimming bracelet from Slimdoo® Zen! This magnetic bracelet was made for you! Wear on your wrist and see your body's energies realign! Designed using powerful magnets and copper, this incredible piece of jewellery is set to be your MUST-HAVE well-being accessory.***

Unwind | Feel stronger

Treat yourself! Opt for the Slimdoo® Zen magnetic bracelet today! Are you looking for something to help keep you motivated? Do you want to shed those extra pounds? Do you need a helping hand when it comes to unwinding? Magnets and copper are both traditionally used to help the body rebalance its energy. You want to feel good, have a better frame of mind, advance in life, make progress in your professional and private projects: Slimdoo® Zen, was designed by people who know a thing or two about relaxation... maybe it could help you? Are you looking for an inventive and original gift for a loved one? This could certainly do the trick!***

Feel better | Progress

There's no miracle cure for losing weight and the same goes for relaxation! That said, magnets have always been used in traditional medicine to help stimulate certain pulse points and act on the body's energies. The Slimdoo® Zen has been especially designed to help you increase your chances when it comes to your weight loss and relaxation goals: lose those extra pounds, enjoy a greater sense of well-being, progress in your personal aims.***

By wearing a magnetic and copper bracelet, you can hope to:

Feel better

Have a more positive outlook

Eat less and eat better

Lose weight

Reach your goals

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